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What is the Great White Brotherhood that we hear and read so much about? The Great White Brotherhood is our own… I might use the word… ‘earthly’ or the human strain of energy that has expanded to reach levels of consciousness far above our own. The hierarchy, as we consider them, is nothing else but that strain of human consciousness that keeps expanding. At each level of expansion, there are certain ‘Beingnesses’, certain aspects of individuated

energy. As the expansion can touch greater levels of consciousness, there you would find those individuated energies, again from the same strain of human consciousness, that is existing at that level of consciousness. That is how this hierarchy is formed.

The Great White Brotherhood comprises varying levels of consciousness, beyond 7 dimensions; from that dimension onwards starts the Great White Brotherhood. But understand that I am using the word ‘dimension’ very loosely just to give you an idea of an expanded level of consciousness. It is that level of consciousness that needs to be attained before one is accepted into, what humanity has called, the Great White Brotherhood.

From there on, the growth pattern begins to differ slightly from our growth pattern. The way the Great White Brotherhood begins to expand is through SERVICE. The only expansion possible, in this body called the Great White brotherhood, is through complete and utter service. But here too, there is a twist. If the service is done because of the growth that is needed, it means that it’s coming from a sense of need, of desire. That service does not add to an expanded consciousness. That service, which is undertaken for the growth of another, without any other intent attached to it, that service leads to consciousness.

The Brotherhood keeps expanding; there is no end to the Brotherhood. Let us assume X, so that I don’t need to give it a name, is at the highest level of expansion, in the Brotherhood, at present. That level of expansion is not the ultimate. It will keep expanding, and as the highest level keeps expanding, the rungs of the hierarchy naturally keep increasing in number, so more and more empowerment comes into the Great White Brotherhood. There are several of the Great White Brotherhood who live embodied lives because their Essential Spirit Structure has attained the minimum 7-dimensional consciousness, but they need to be in embodied form because their entire consciousness, as a structure, is not balanced. The Essential part has already reached and is moving beyond, but there is one area of the structure that has not kept up with the momentum of this expansion.

That area needs the boost to come up to this level so that there is a completely balanced growth in that individual aspect, and so they take embodiment. Those aspects of consciousness, which reach the very high aspects of the Brotherhood, must reach that only out of BALANCE. They do not face any imbalance. The lower aspects of the Great White Brotherhood may face this imbalance and need to take birth.

What is the new cosmic energy that is coming to us right now: the electric blue light?

First, one has to understand the difference between universal energy and cosmic energy. The universal energy comprises of all that energy which a human being can access, in physical consciousness; not all may access it, but there is a possibility of any human being, being able to access universal energy, in all its magnificence, in all its completion, at a very

conscious level. Then we go into cosmic energy. The cosmic energy essentially is one which a human being, in physical structure, cannot consciously access, but given the required expanse of Spirit, embodied Spirit can access it at a level which I’m going to call ‘a non-conscious conscious level’. The cosmic energy, to be taken into the physical body, needs to then come through the universal energy because the universal energy really is all that humanity has put out. And remember that all those whom we consider Masters were also a part of humanity. The level of empowerment they have given our universe remains at that expanded level. That is why our universal energy is huge and magnificent in itself.

The cosmic energy comes straight from Non- Energy. It comes through modifications, which are far fewer in number than universal energy. So you can say that cosmic energy is a far less modified Non-Energy than universal energy. Having undergone fewer modifications than the universal energy, it cannot easily be accessed by the physical structure, and thus needs to come through, is carried on the waves of universal energy. What we consider as the electric blue light, or we consider it to be like the platinum ray, these are terms we are giving ourselves.

These terms we give so that we understand that a strain of cosmic energy that is coming through is, at present, slightly different from what was coming through a little earlier, and different from what will come through in future. So universal energy provides us with a name because for us, as physical structures, a name gives us a definite definition. This is the electric blue light and yet, it is neither electric nor blue. It is a strain of the cosmic energy, which is a very little modified Non-Energy that is coming through, at present, on Earth, for the purpose of removal of all 3-dimensional memory. It works on the memory of humanity, as a whole; that which we do not remember, we will not carry forward. So coming on the waves of universal energy, aids us in not remembering. But when we say we forget, we actually mean that we assimilate. We can’t ever forget anything; it means we completely assimilate, take back into our Core, all that is our Power.

Each and every one of us, in that sense, belongs to the Great White Brotherhood; each and every one of us, in that sense, belongs to the Christ Office. We experience ourselves only in this limited form, but we are, in a unified form, far greater than this limited form. So, in that sense of the very large picture, of course, we all are part of the Great White Brotherhood because that aspect of S, whom she calls the Maitreya, is none other than her own strain of energy that has reached that level of expansion, which humanity has given a defined name, the Maitreya. But when one would trace it backwards, one would see that this same strain of energy would be going into S or going into you, because that same strain of energy, as it comes into its lower levels of consciousness, breaks itself up into so many parts, all of which will experience everything together, because at those levels of consciousness, levels being low, experiences can come only pertaining to that level of consciousness; whereas, if I split myself up into so many parts of me, each part experiencing something restricted to that consciousness, eventually I have experienced ALL. So of course, we all are part of the Great White Brotherhood. We all are part of the Christ Office.

The Christ Office is that part of the Great White Brotherhood that has undertaken a special mission. Because we are human we need a label in order to understand; we still don’t understand it all completely, but even to give us some semblance of understanding of how the universe is, how energy divides itself, how it functions, we give it these labels, like the Christ Office.

Who are the Brotherhood of Keepers?

Earlier you touched upon that aspect of energy which holds that aspect of cosmic force which erases memory, and now you’re touching upon that aspect of energy which holds memory, which retains it. Now, why is it necessary to retain that memory? We all know that evolution neither started with us nor is it going to end with us. We are all part of evolution, part of the process of Non-Energy experiencing itself as Energy. Memories are kept safe, secure; they are

treasured. They are like sacred possessions kept safe. When another strand of evolution begins its journey, those same memories will gently be released upon energy waves. That strand will not experience, will not go through the same things as us, but our memories aid them in their evolution process. 

Let me give you an example: the memories of evolutions that have gone before us are aiding us now. The memories of those evolutionary species, which we call aliens, are aiding us now. What I am receiving is that, at several times when an alien being comes through a medium and talks to you, guiding you, the channel is actually ‘touching’ the memory, and not the alien being at all. But the memory is kept so safe, so secure, so strong, that when it is presented to you in this form, it seems as though it is an actual entity. The Brotherhood of Keepers has this as its main task. The other tasks coming from memory are keeping everything in balance. There is growth taking place in all aspects of energy, not only species, so when I say all aspects of energy, I’m talking of ‘universes’ as aspects of energy, ‘galaxies’ as aspects of energy, what is below the Earth as aspects of energy. Evolution is multi-pronged. We tend to think of it only from our perspective, but we are only one ‘thread’ of evolution. All the ‘threads’ work together to form this big picture. The Keepers hold that picture in memory and, therefore, growth and balance have to constantly be maintained.

What is the meaning of separation from the Creator?

I’m now going to then focus on only one aspect of energy that modified itself to being us.

Please understand I’m not now referring to the WHOLE. I’m only focusing upon one area. That aspect of energy, you must understand, is also modified energy. Non-Energy modified itself into Unified Energy, without any separation. That first modification was essential for Non-Energy to begin its process of manifestation, of manifested awareness of experience. That was the first modification for our strain; a part of Unified Energy modified itself to experience this part or this ‘thread’ of evolution. Now, this thread of evolution modified itself into, let us give it a term, the ‘Earth-type Energy’. When it modified itself into that, then it had to separate itself even further, in order to then experience itself. Just as I said earlier, the Maitreya modified himself into so many parts, that is the same process that takes place at all levels.

Now that energy, Earth-type Energy, modified itself into ‘human beings’. But we know that before

there were various different experiences, like a stone, metal, fish, bird, and so on. I’m not going to focus on those right now, so let’s say, human beings. So you, S___, were a drop in that modified part, which was called the Earth-type Energy. This energy wanted to experience itself as this ‘thread’. This thread, although it seems one, has a million tiny filaments running through it. One of the filaments is called S____.

That is the separation you have referred to: becoming a ‘filament’ so that you may then again become the ‘thread’. You became very ‘small’ in order to become ‘large’. That thread, when it is completely stretched to its limit, which means all experiences are over, will go back and become part of the Earth-type energy. When the Earth-type energy has completely experienced itself, it will go back and become part of the Unified Energy. When Unified Energy has completed all experience, it will go back and become Non-Energy.

Is there something called the Cosmic Lingam, and if so, how can I work with those energies?

First of all, let us understand ‘lingam’, and then your question will be answered automatically. If you will throw your mind back, D____, to an entire channelling where the Shiva Lingam was explained to us. The yoni has the Creationary Energy, out of which rises the male symbol, which we have called the lingam, which is the symbol of the Executionary Energies. Both merge together to form the complete symbol. If that is so, then there has to be a Cosmic Lingam. Understand again, that the cosmic energies we touch, the cosmic energies we access/will access, are/will be our strain of cosmic energies; that strain of cosmic energy, K___, which will be able to exist in ‘male’ and ‘female’ duality. There are strains of cosmic energies that cannot survive in a realm of duality; that need a realm, a dimension, of complete Unified Energy Structure. So we are accessing not complete cosmic energies, but those strains that can survive and empower universal energy even in a dimension of duality. That strain of cosmic energy, D____, is the Cosmic Lingam that you are referring to. The strain of cosmic energy within itself is a Unified Energy; it does not have ‘male’ and ‘female’ distinctions. It is Unified Energy but it can contain within itself, the Creationary and the Executionary as diverse, and yet ONE. The Cosmic Lingam, if one had to visualize it, would never have the yoni and the lingam separate. It would be one whole.

Sometimes, in your vision, it might appear only vertical. Sometimes, in your vision, it might appear only flat. How to use the Cosmic Lingam? The best way is to attach the Cosmic Lingam into your energy grid; to literally form an attachment. Please understand that cosmic energies need volition on your part. They come down into our realm, and they remain untouched. Our energies, however, contaminated you may consider the Earth energies to be, its negativity cannot touch Cosmic Energies. They remain untouched, in their fullest state of empowerment, till out of complete volition you wish to access, hook on to, that cosmic energy. In that sense, the Cosmic Lingam is in the HERE and the NOW.

The fact that you have even got the name ‘cosmic lingam’ means that it exists. There is nothing that this brain can ever make up. It does not have the ability to make up anything. The brain has the ability to access levels of consciousness, levels of energy, which it cannot make ‘Sense’ of. That is why I ask you not to try to only make ‘Sense’ of things because due to that desire we will often restrict our experiences. The brain cannot make ‘Sense’ of it and goes into its own little imbalance because of that because it cannot make sense of it. It has ‘registered’ but the brain does not know whether it pertains to the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, touch or taste, and it gets into a state of confused imbalance, giving you the feeling I have made it up. It does not exist. If you were to coin any word right now, which is, in your perception, gibberish, please understand that that word would be a systematic coming together of sounds that already exist in the energy realms right now. That is why you have been able to put them together; the brain considers it ‘gibberish’ but it is already present.

So you can link to that Cosmic Lingam; let it take whatever ‘view’ it needs to take. It might need to take an image for your easy understanding. Allow it to take shape or colour or form or sensation, whatever it needs to take for you to know it’s there. Once you’ve hooked onto it, there is a constant flow; it’s a pipeline then into your energy structure. It’s there and you can use it as

you wish.

There are so many different perceptions of Shiva… god, deity, being, energy….which is true? If it’s energy why has it been given a physical form, statue?

Firstly, one has to understand that most of us look at Shiva as a deity, as a god, as a ‘being’ and none of this is true. That statue of Shiva has been given a physical form so that we can see with our physical eyes so that then the brain can accept there is ‘Shiva’.

Shiva goes far beyond a physical form. Non-Energy modified itself into Unified Energy which then modified itself into ‘our’ strain of energy. That energy is Shiva. So you are touching our outermost levels of consciousness when you refer to Shiva energy. That energy can have no physical sense at all. I’m being asked to link the question of Shiva energy to L____’s choice of topic for today, death, for all of us to understand why Shiva has been called the destroyer.

The Shiva energy is actually Unified Energy. Like Cosmic Energy, it has the power of the ‘male’ and ‘female’ within it, but unlike Cosmic Energy, which will never separate into a manifested aspect of the ‘male’ and ‘female’, the Shiva Energy can. It can, when needed, modify itself into two aspects of itself: one, which we call the ‘male’, which we have given the name Shiva, which is really a wrong name because it’s the UNITY that is Shiva, and the other, which we have called the Shakti, considering that to be the ‘feminine.

The process of any death is really the process of the manifestation of Shiva Energy. It creates with its ‘female aspect’ and it executes the creation with its ‘male’ aspect. There is no death. It’s just removing the old and creating anew. It is because death has not been understood that Shiva Energy has often been linked with that of the destroyer. Shiva is not the destroyer at all. The Shiva energy is actually the purest and the most powerful energy of birthing. It is not at all the energy of death and destruction, as we have considered it to be. Now when we focus upon Shiva, when we offer our adoration to Shiva, please understand what you are doing very consciously. In that symbolic adoration of Shiva, you are opening yourself, inviting this energy to bring in rebirth, within you, in your physical, as well as in your environment. You cannot then resent that the old, which has to be removed for the birthing process, will be a natural part of the Shiva energy functioning.

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