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How to find inner peace? An ultimate guide

The word inner peace refers to the satisfaction in whatever work you do or the life you live. With numerous good things around the corner, we also have bad things. Today, where we have a social-media obsessed society, it is vital to know how one can find a peaceful environment,  inner peace and happiness within you- and not somewhere on any of the social media platforms.

It has become very much easier for one to share creativity while connecting out with friends on social media or sharing images with family and friends. In between keeping up the façade, it has become easier for every individual to forget that they must be living life for themselves not for how one appears to the other person.

Amanda Huggins, who is one of the anxiety coaches, meditation and yoga teachers, has stated that inner peace starts with our ability and strength to see and appreciate ourselves holistically. It is all about positive thinking, confidence, acceptance, and deep self-love and yes it is very much about enjoying your identity, no matter how many followers or posts you have on any social media platform.

Given below are some of the points that can help you feel inner peace.

Above all the things, you must love and appreciate yourself; when an individual would have mastered that, peace, trust, and happiness will automatically follow. 

Try to avoid giving hurtful thoughts about yourself, because when you are doing this you are hurting yourself. 

Try to live in your body and explore yourself as much as possible. When an individual lives in his/her body, our minds can’t take over, so we can be fully present in loving ourselves.

There are times when you do not think that you are intuitive, it is all a matter of slowing down and the way you calm your mind. Mather, one of the spiritual trainers, also says that there is a limitless source of getting authentic wisdom from ourselves. What we need to do is, a little bit of mindfulness, so for that, just stop, calm the mind and allow all the answers that would come to us.

One should try to meditate for some time, if he or she feels anxious, or gets driven away by the thought process of others, or feels down by seeing the social media account of others.

Try seeking or happiness within you, we have often heard about the saying that days that break you, are the ones that make you.

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