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How Should Crystals Be Displayed In Your Home?

Crystals have traditionally been connected with the supernatural or occult; some even think they possess curative properties. When you get a crystal as a gift or acquire crystals for yourself, you may believe that they must be exhibited in a certain manner.

Perhaps your soothing amethysts would look wonderful in a tiny basin. Or does the dark brown hue of the enormous aragonite sputnik cluster command its own alter space? Or, wouldn’t some soothing blue quartz in a tall, thin vase be the ideal contrast item for your coffee table?

Here are some display suggestions to assist you with crystal home decor.

  • Supports for Large Objects

Consider putting a huge piece of crystal, six inches in diameter or greater, on a pedestal and allowing it to dominate attention. You must ensure that you have enough room in your house. If the crystal is rare or precious, or if you just want to safeguard it, use a pedestal with a top cover.

  • Mount Them Up

On necklaces and other jewellery, little crystal prisms may be discovered. However, they are also hung in residences. Some people hang them near windows to admire the rainbows of light they create inside the space. 

This, however, has one major drawback. A gemstone can be drilled if required, even though most prisms also have holes in them. If you feel that particular crystals have healing, relaxing, or energy-shifting properties, you should hang them.

  • Manifest Boxes

This strategy applies to bigger crystals. The displays associated with sports memorabilia, such as balls and cards, may also be utilized to emphasize a huge, light-coloured gemstone. Examine this display box with a base made of oak and this display box with a base made of mirror.

Try placing the display box among things of varied sizes. Ensure that the shelves are big enough to fit the box so that the crystal display does not seem cumbersome. You may place it in the center and flank it with smaller stones or plants to create a visual progression from huge in the middle to little things at the extremities of the shelf.

  • Standing Exhibits

If you have a collection of crystals in various sizes, display them in a floor-standing, illuminated showcase with a mirrored back. A mirror placed behind or under crystals provides a 360-degree view of the stone without the need to go around the exhibit.

  • Bowls

If you have a bag or handful of little crystals, display their colour by placing them in a bowl. You want the bowl’s tint to enable the crystal’s hue to stand out. The bronze bowl in this image provides a nice contrast to the adjacent white crystals, but a vibrant turquoise or purple stone hue would also work.

There are almost no restrictions on how crystals may be displayed in the house. Find the location in your house where the crystal item vibrates most strongly. Consider how lighting affects the look of the crystal and the possibilities for reflections in the room. Regardless of whatever crystal resonates with you, there is a place in your spiritual home decor for it.

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