Healing Crystal Jewellery

How to Wear Healing Crystal Jewelry for the Best Results

Healing Crystals Jewellery and crystal stones never essentially went out of style. They basically have been worn and adored for their naturally aesthetic outlook as far as we know. What essentially is becoming more and more in style these days really is the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of it, generally contrary to popular belief. People long for a  deeper connection with life, and healing crystal jewellery mostly is one of the best ways to get it in a simple and magical way. There are so many benefits to wearing crystals for all intents and purposes. 

Let’s take a look at them now in a major and prominent way. 

It is definitely very important to cleanse and charge your healing crystal jewellery regularly or as and when you feel its energy has been used up. 

Healing crystal jewellery usually needs cleansing more often than crystal stones that stay in your home, because it is exposed to many different energies on a daily basis, which actually is quite significant and powerful. 

By aligning your healing crystal jewellery towards or around your pulse points and chakras, you can increase the results that you essentially get from them. 

Each side of our body for the most part has a different meaning and effects through healing crystal jewellery. 

The results you can get from our crystal stone jewelry, are fairly significant. 

Place your crystal jewelry on the right side when you want to really send its power outward and particularly give its healing properties to others.

 For example: To be more loving towards others,  wear a rose quartz bracelet on your right arm. 

To actually help provide a calming environment that others can benefit from, wear your amethyst ring on your right hand.

 To strongly protect your family while travelling, from psychic attacks or heavy dark energies with low vibrations, wear black tourmaline, particularly on your right side. 

Place your healing crystal jewellery on the left side when you want to personally receive its healing energy and enjoy the inner benefit. It is always very prominently visible and you may feel the effects within yourself too. 

Here  are some examples: 

To be much more loving and attentive towards yourself, wear a rose quartz bracelet on your left arm.

 To evidently reduce emotional stress, wear an amethyst ring in your left hand. 

To protect yourself from for all intents and purposes that radiate negative energy, wear your black tourmaline on your left hand. 

Each healing crystal jewellery piece, whether it may be a citrine bracelet or malachite pendant, not only will have benefits on your health but also your overall spiritual growth. It’s very important to be mindful of which crystal you choose to wear, how you want to place it for yourself and which one calls out to you to get the complete benefit out of it.

Crystals are minerals that hold energy, and because we as humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it.

Find out what you are missing before looking at what stones can provide. This will help you find out what is going on inside you before you depend on external sources.

Then let your intuition choose what is best for you. Whether you are drawn to a crystal or feel a physical pull towards it, your inner subconscious will help guide you to the crystal that is right for you.

Once selected, you can create the connection you need.

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