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How to gain utmost peace by Psychology and Spirituality?

Covid has not only caused health and economic issues around the globe but also infected the peaceful environment, mental health and well-being of people. Few have gotten a mental break from work for the initial few days and spent a good happy time with family whereas the majority struggled with daily living and depression.

For me, psychology and spirituality have always gone hand in hand. Psychology is nothing but understanding human behaviour. Whereas spirituality must do more with getting connected to oneself. Don’t they follow each other?

Both boil down to a person working on self to get more integrated and aware of one’s own action and emotion.

With the increasing awareness of mental health, people are opening to therapy sessions. But things like yoga, meditation have been going on for years. Just like there are thousands of different meditations but all serve one purpose and that is relaxation, peace and awareness, the same way, for the mental well-being of a person there are a lot of ways a person can choose to get better.

How to gain utmost peace by Psychology and Spirituality - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

There are people who look at you and can tell you things about you e.g. Psychic Readings and it just amazes people when someone does that. These people are gifted with clairvoyance. They can see the aura of a person and tell them about their nature. Just like that, you go to your therapist, and they can also observe and tell you things about yourself by noticing your body language and expressions, views, thoughts etc. Things like Reiki healing, healing, tarot etc. are all discovered based on science. And all of these are nothing but a way of understanding a person’s behaviour and a tool of healing. There are a lot of therapeutic things that one does in day to day life like talking to a friend, going to movies, going shopping, long walks or drives, going for a holiday, getting connected with nature, meeting loved ones and so much more.

To have healthy living for your body, you eat healthy food. In the same way, you can do a lot of things to have good mental health.

  1. Take regular saltwater baths if you are feeling drained out or exhausted. Use a handful of sea salt in warm water. Pour it on yourself. You can do these three to four times a week. This can make you feel energetic and positive.
  2. Chant om or any prayer that you say or follow once a day and tell yourself that you let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings that you carry.
  3. Deep breaths. Inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth as if you are blowing a balloon. Yoga has proved to be beneficial to a lot of people all over the world and one of the main things to practice in yoga is breathwork. Deep breathing helps you to release a lot of unnecessary energies that you carry with you throughout the day and by releasing that you allow yourself to open a space for a lot of new thoughts and energies.
  4. Write a diary every day. It is one of the best habits that you can form on a day to day basis. Writing down your thoughts, emotions and feelings not only helps you to vent out but also helps you to be aware of it more and more. The more aware you are the faster you heal.
  5. Go for a walk every day. Feel the fresh air and allow yourself to give time to yourself. Walking is a form of physical activity that puts your body in motion. And a change of place and air can surely make you feel rejuvenated. Tell yourself that this is “Me time” and enjoy every minute of that walk. When you start doing things for yourself you are more connected to your emotions and thoughts. That brings you back to your awareness and you know what you want and what you need.

It is never too late to start something for yourself. It is not a bad idea at all to make yourself happy. And most importantly it is always good to take care of yourself.


 Ruti Shah is a counselling psychologist from Maniben Nanavati college. Also, a Pranic healer, handwriting and signature analyst and tarot card reader.

Passionate to spread awareness and help people to open for their mental health. Has a blog on Instagram named @self_secrett

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