Auras and Chakras

Learn How To Heal Your Auras and Chakras

Our energy body consists of the aura, a number of chakras that are active energy centres, as well as meridians and nadis, which are energy lines that run throughout the body. Possibly the simplest way to comprehend this is to imagine your energy body as being comparable to your physical body. The chakras represent your brain and other major organs, the meridians and nadis are like your veins and arteries, but instead of carrying blood, they carry energy—Ki—all over the body. The aura is the energetic equivalent of your entire physical body. The aura and chakra healing is extremely important when it comes to enlightenment and spiritual healing 

The physical body is entirely encircled by an aura, which is a sphere of energy or light, from above, below, and on all sides. It has seven layers, the innermost two of which are closest to the physical body and contain the densest energy. The remaining layers are made up of finer and higher vibration energy. The majority of people have an oval (elliptical) aura, which is somewhat narrower at the sides than it is in the front and extends above and below the feet. However, your aura does not always have the same size because it can change in size depending on a number of variables, including your overall health, your current emotional or psychological state, and many other things.

The word “chakra,” which translates to “disc” or “wheel” in Sanskrit, denotes the energy centres in your body. Each of these energy-spinning wheels or discs corresponds to a particular group of nerve fibres and large organs.

Your chakras must be open or balanced for optimal operation. You could feel emotional or physical symptoms linked to a specific chakra if they get blocked. There are 7 major chakras starting from the base of your spine right up to your head, a


Get Rid of the Negativity

Palo santo, sage, frankincense, and myrrh should be combined in a cauldron, which should be placed such that the smoke it emits will cover your body. After lighting the plants on fire and putting them out, start dousing yourself in smoke from your head down to your feet. This approach is fantastic for a super-deep cleansing (if needed).

Bathe in the Spirit

Water is a very purifying substance. After taking a shower, Michael advises combining a cup or more of pink Himalayan sea salt with a gallon of room-temperature water. Douse your body with the tincture, neck down Imagine a great light flowing on your body, engulfing you and removing all negativity. Your aura will be cleared as a result.


First Chakra (Root) Element: Because the earth is connected to the root chakra, going barefoot in the sand, grass, or dirt can be healthy. Any time spent in the outdoors benefits this chakra’s healing

Second chakra (sacral) Element: Swimming or spending time near bodies of water, such as lakes and oceans, is healthy since the sacral chakra healing is connected to water. You can also heal your sacral chakra to connect with your divine feminine center by using yoni oil.

The third chakra (solar plexus) Element: is related to the element of fire, therefore takes pleasure in sitting by a fire or soaking up the sun.

Fourth Chakra (Heart) Element: Breathing deeply will aid in clearing the energy at this level because the heart chakra is linked to air. Fly a kite, take a boat excursion, or drive with the windows down.

The fifth chakra (throat) Element: is represented by ether, which is akin to spirit. As a result, sitting in an open area under a clear sky is a great way to get this energy moving in the right direction.

Sixth Chakra (third eye) Element: Light is related to the third eye chakra. Sit quietly in the sun or unwind by a window as the sun streams into balance and opens this chakra.

The seventh chakra (crown chakra) Element: which corresponds to the seventh chakra, is connected to all the elements, therefore focusing on your wholeness rather than a single element.

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