Self love

Self love -Door to possibilities

True, self-love is the potion of magic which makes everyone glow a bit The love which you expect from life partner or others to pour in.The magic of self love is all that which makes confident in times of turmoil. When an person knows how to love oneself, they learn to be independent on their own.

Give some love to yourself. Let that love evolve you, make you wise, make you a better person Love is the highest form of vibration, on this earth. Love can transform a person deeply. To love and to be loved is a miracle, of its own.

Pamper yourself get yourself that haircut, get that long-awaited product on your cart list gift yourself. Self love is often mistook for self idealization. Self love is the space where you respect your needs and make time for yourself and do things do for yourself.

Taking time for yourself and spending time for yourself is not selfish. When you love yourself, you will treat yourself with utmost love and respect.You will make time for rejuvenate and replenish yourself.
Always remember you can drink water from a cup which is full. Always make time for yourself.

A home cooked meal,
A haircut,
A pedicure session,
A bookreading,
A friend’s hangout,
A hobby you want to continue.

Self-love is the most loveliest gift you can gift yourself. Honoring yourself with respecting the needs of yourself makes you respect other’s space and boundariesas well.It makes one’s self-esteem boost. Self-love is one such practice to honour yourself and your boundaries.
Love your flaws,
Love your perfections,
Love your existence,
Love your scars which made you strong,
Love the way you want to love the other person.

The most miraculous form of love, when life begins with the power of
creation. The most power comes from the power of self-discipline, self
assessment, self-reflection. The journey of self-love makes you a better person, a nurturer and an empathetic being in the spiritual journey.

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