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Money Reiki Healing: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Are you finding it difficult to overcome financial problems? Or If you are not satisfied with your income, there is a possibility that you may be suffering from money blockages. Money or financial blockages are often a result of increased negative energy in your life. This can also impact money flow, and debt issues and refrain you from attaining wealth. One of the major reasons for these blockages is bad energy that is accumulating inside you from an early age. It could be because of childhood trauma or some traumatic experience that is keeping you away from attracting money or your goals.

That’s why it becomes crucial to heal from the inside and remove money blocks as they can stop you from achieving prosperity and success. Money reiki, one of the oldest forms of energy healing, can help to eliminate emotional as well as financial blocks. Today, money reiki healing is widely used to heal emotional wounds, overcome financial troubles and lead you to a path of abundant wealth and prosperity.

What is Money Reiki Healing?

We all have heard of Reiki, a Japanese holistic healing process that balances mind, body and soul. While money reiki healing is specially created to improve one’s financial situation and promote a deep understanding of the core issues coming in the way of growth and success. In money reiki energy healing, the practitioner clears the past life karmic money wounds by channelling the universe’s energy which leads to a path of prosperity. Along with attracting financial success, the reiki energy also helps in dealing with stress, and anxiety and boosts self-confidence.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various misconceptions and myths about Money Reiki Healing and its incredible benefits.

10 things you need to know about Money Reiki Healing

1. It is not a ‘get rich quickly’ scheme, it is a healing process.

People have this common misconception that Money Reiki healing will instantaneously make them rich however that is not the case. It is a healing process. Money blockages occur due to unhealed traumas and by a web of negative energy in and around you which obstructs the flow of money. Getting money reiki will help to heal and remove those blockages and make a way for financial prosperity and abundance.

2. Power of using Affirmations with Money Reiki Healing

Positive affirmations can enhance your mindset and beliefs about money. However, numerous people complain about the ineffectiveness of positive affirmations. The reason behind that could be the lack of belief in yourself which can subconsciously create resistance towards positive affirmations. Money reiki can instil and reinforce belief in yourself and can also help you in overcoming resistance.

Four affirmations that you can use in your life for wealth and success are:

  • I am worthy of financial success.
  • I release all the blocks and allow wealth to flow in.
  • I deserve to make more money.
  • I have all the tools and knowledge to attract wealth.

3. It is more than just a money-making method

Money Reiki focuses on building growth and abundance and removing blockages. While some may assume it is simply a money-making method, Money Reiki encompasses a wider perspective on financial well-being. The healing offers you a deep understanding of the rooted issues that are arising in the success of your career and financial growth.

4. It requires time and patience

Money reiki cannot make you wealthy instantly. It is a healing process which takes time and effort to have a favourable change in your life. Money reiki heals the deep-rooted issues that arise in the way of your financial growth but that does not imply that it will instantly make you wealthy. The growth rate of your wealth and prosperity depends upon your dedication and willingness to the process and yourself.

5. It does not matter if the money reiki is distance or in-person

The energy transferred in online money reiki goes beyond the limits of space and time. The universal reiki energy can be transferred to remove the money blockages and attract an abundance of wealth into your life. An experienced reiki healer with the help of distance reiki healing can send healing energy to a person anywhere in the world, no matter how far they are.

6. It enhances intuition and decision making

Money Reiki primarily focuses on financial growth but also helps overall personal growth. The practitioner connects with the universal life force energy which helps you develop clarity and trust your instincts. It helps you to tap into their intuition, make wise financial decisions and make choices aligned with your highest good.

7. Use of wealth and abundance crystals during Money Reiki sessions

Crystals contain positive vibrations which help in the healing of the mind, body and soul. Every crystal has different qualities that can have a different impact on your life. The use of wealth and prosperity crystals during Money Reiki sessions can enhance your healing. You can also put the crystals in your room or beside you. Some of the most popular money crystals are Green Aventurine, Tiger Eye, Pyrite and Green Jade.

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8. Promotes self-empowerment and self-worth

Money Blockages induce negative energies that block the flow of money and also have negative effects on your self-worth. This could be extremely damaging as it can affect other aspects of your life like relationships, career, etc. Money Reiki helps you heal from the lack of belief in yourself and makes you more empowered.

9. It’s important to get Money Reiki Healing from a trained practitioner

A money reiki practitioner should be trained, experienced and certified. They should be trained, know to perform the healing and have some amount of experience in performing the healing. You also need to make certain that the practitioner is certified and has a legitimate skill level to perform Money Reiki.

10. It is not a replacement for any financial advice

Money Reiki removes money blocks that have helped many people achieve their financial goals and success. Although you need to consider that this therapy is for healing and achieving prosperity which does not mean, that it is a substitute for any financial advisory or assistance. It may help you in achieving abundance but it is not at all a replacement.

Get in touch with us today and overcome your financial issues with Money Reiki Healing! Our highly trained and experienced healers will guide you through the process and help you heal your wounds through the power of reiki.
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