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Spirit Possession: A Problem No One Talks About

Has it happened in your family or among your friends that someone’s emotional or physical health has changed drastically for the worse? Or perhaps for as long as you can remember this person has had emotional problems for which no one can find a solution? Or maybe you feel that there might be something distressing happening with you, that you are not yourself? You just keep pushing forward, pretending that everything is fine, but the emotional pain is eating you from the inside out.

What exactly are the problems or symptoms that we are referring to?

We are talking about emotional problems that have no explanation, that have been going on for a long time, and that just won’t go away. Such problems may include panic attacks, unexplained anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, concentration problems, frequent outbursts of strong negative emotions, mood swings, hearing voices, trouble sleeping, personality changes, and/or isolation. These emotional problems can also go hand in hand with physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue, frequent headaches or stomach aches, weight problems, addictions, and other issues. 

Did you know that these symptoms can occur when a person is experiencing spirit possession? Although possession by spirits is rarely discussed, it is very common. People usually don’t suspect that the cause of their emotional pain, and sometimes even complete lack of functioning, is spirit possession. This is why most people who struggle with spirit possession look for a solution to their problems to no avail for many years, suffering enormously. Of course, the suffering of one person in the house usually affects all the members of the household.

What is possession by spirits?

You often hear about it in horror movies, but the reality is far from the truth. So here are few basic facts you need to know:

After physical death, the human soul has a choice to either pass into the Light and then to reincarnate, or to linger among the living. Passing on to the Light is by far the best option, but unfortunately there is a group of souls who, for a variety of reasons (the book Possessed by Ghosts by Dr. Wanda Pratnicka describes these reasons in detail), choose to remain with the living, and most often with their family.

Such a soul soon begins to suffer, because it is in a place where it no longer belongs. It starts to lack energy, and then becomes appetitive, angry, frightened or depressed. To regain some energy and to feel better it decides, often unconsciously, to steal it from a living person.

The moment a spirit that has not crossed over to the other side attaches itself to a living person is often a shock for the living person, because such a spirit is on a much lower vibrational plane. At that moment the body tries to defend itself and reacts with diarrhea, vomiting, and symptoms that can also resemble stomach poisoning. In time the body becomes accustomed to the presence of the foreign entity and the above-mentioned symptoms disappear, but unfortunately new ones appear (mentioned at the beginning of this article) which usually will not go away until the spirit is led away. Unfortunately, being possessed by one spirit creates the risk that other spirits may join in over time. It is as if the “windows” to our body were no longer tightly closed. The more spirits there are, the more intense the symptoms can become.

So how can we prevent a spirit possession?

First of all, we have to accept the death of our loved one who has just died, and say goodbye as soon as possible. Of course we must allow ourselves to grieve, but at the same time try to be vigilant not to disturb, or to be more precise, not to burden the soul with our grief. Sometimes living people say to the deceased person: “Don’t go away, I can’t live without you, why did you do this to me?” This is very selfish behavior that can cause the spirit to remain with us in this physical world.

Another way to prevent a possession is to control our negative emotions. Spirits, as mentioned above, reside at low vibrational levels. When we get into anger, rage, anxiety, grief, jealousy, envy, fear or any other negative emotion we lower our vibration. When we are on similar vibrational levels as the spirits, it creates a situation where the spirits have much easier access to us. The spirit is always looking for a person with a similar emotional problem (like attracts like). Therefore, a person who is often angry, will attract a spirit who also has a problem with anger, and a person who is depressed, will attract a spirit who has depressive states. Then such spirits will amplify that specific emotion in us, and that is why people who have spirits attached are so emotionally unstable. They are not just dealing with their own negative emotions, but also the negative emotions that come from the spirit, which are much stronger than our own.

In order to avoid being possessed by spirits, it is important to stay away from any substance addictions. When we are under the influence of a substance, we do not have full control over our own body and this makes it easier for a spirit to steal it. Here again, like attracts like. A person who drinks alcohol frequently will attract a spirit who has struggled with alcohol addiction during their lifetime. When such a spirit gets attached to a person, their appetite for alcohol increases significantly. Often such a person loses control over their consumption of alcohol, and it is extremely difficult for them to stop drinking.

Of course, there are many other behaviors that can attract spirits to us. We are not able to list them all here, but they are all described in the book Possessed by Ghosts.

How can one check if a person is under the influence of a spirit?

The individual can contact an expert who deals with spirit deliverance. The expert can check if a person is under the influence of a spirit, and then will professionally remove the spirit. It is important to emphasize that you should not try to lead away a spirit from yourself or another person if you are not an expert in this field. It can have very unpleasant consequences.

If you or your loved one is suffering from various emotional problems for which you cannot find a solution, it is worth checking if there is the possibility of spirit attachment. It is a pity to waste time suffering. Life without spirits is much more peaceful, gentle, and simple. Start seeking help today.


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