Tarot Spreads & Top Cards for Dream Interpretation

Tarot Spreads & Top Cards for Dream Interpretation

Most people don’t remember many of their dreams. Sometimes, there might be weeks of deep sleep with no recalls of any dreams. Other times, dreams can be quite intense. They have a high amplitude and can draw in exquisite emotions.

Many of them mean nothing, but others will get you up with many questions. What do they mean? Pursuing answers to these questions may often provide valuable insight into one’s life. And that’s when tarot dream interpretation becomes an option.

Such intense dreams can hold important information about one’s life. They haunt you throughout the day, as you try to figure out what they mean. You look for clues everywhere, but sadly enough, it’s not as easy as it seems.

If you find yourself in such a situation, a tarot reading by Tarotoo is likely to become the best option to decipher the meaning.

What kind of dreams try to send a message?

Not all dreams try to send you a message. Some of them are nothing but things you think about before you go to sleep. Others are more intense because spiritual guides or the universe are trying to tell you something. Every dream may have a meaning, and most people only grab the literal message, but that’s not always the case. If you think you have such a dream, write every single detail down, even details that seem insignificant. Small details often hold a lot of vital information.
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Imagine looking for your first home. You’re living on rent, and you’re ready to buy. It’s time-consuming and frustrating. Prices fluctuate, and the market is not that good, so you often feel the pressure on your shoulders. Stress kicks in, and you always go to sleep with this problem on your mind.

One night, you may get a message. Your late grandfather shows up in an empty room. He’s wearing a T-shirt and some shorts like he’s just come back from a holiday. You see him, you greet each other, and it feels good. After all, you still miss him.

At some point, he tells you that two homes in your area are now vacant and excellent for you.

It sounds pretty straightforward. A friendly spirit has come to solve your problem. But then, this is the difference between regular psychic and professional tarot readers. An experienced advisor will see more than just a bit of advice.

What was your grandfather wearing? Exactly! The outfit indicates the hot summer season. It won’t happen if it’s October, but you may still have to wait another half a year. This means you can leave frustration behind because patience is critical in the process.

Now, what was the house like? Spacious and empty, things that define space. Hardwood floors? Solid building. Plenty of windows? Lots of light.

Even when you find a home, you’ll notice it feels familiar. It will be similar to the appearance of the home in your dreams.

Without any experience, you’d pick the main message, but you wouldn’t get the small details. That’s when tarot readers aim to bring even more light to your dreams. And that’s an example with a crystal-clear message, as some others could be even more sophisticated.

How tarot card dream interpretation works

Tarot cards can help in dream interpretation. Cards are normally shuffled well and spread on the table. Many psychic advisors will use the diamond spread, but this isn’t a general rule. Throughout the session, focus on the dream and meditate on it. Try to remember every single detail.

In the classic diamond spread, the first card represents the actual dream. It sums the overall purpose, such as who was there, where you were, who you met, and your feelings. This is the card that defines what most people already know because the main message is clear.

Each card can indicate a few extra details. For example, the Empress means that you’ll feel super secure in your new place.

The second card underlines the reason behind your dream. Your consciousness was craving for something, hence that dream. What was it? That’s an advisor’s job. In the above example, you feel discouraged, like nothing’s going to work out.
Tarot Spreads & Top Cards for Dream Interpretation
Take the Nine of Wands, for example. This card would normally tell you that a higher spirit or the universe will help out and show you which way to go. You’ll get access to a solution much faster than if you tried to do it yourself.

The third card in the tarot diamond spread refers to the meaning of the dream. Ideally, you want to see something in the Pentacles range. The Ace of Pentacles, for example, is a positive thing that tells you that a big thing is about to happen, a positive thing.

In the context of such a dream, the card means that you need to keep searching to find something great. It’s also a financial card, so you’ll find the resources to manage your goal.

The fourth card holds a message from your subconscious, and the interpretation is often literal. Take the Hanged Man, for example. It tells you that you need a healthier approach to succeed.

The fifth card holds the answer to a question about your dream, so try to be as clear as possible when asking the psychic. The answer will usually be based on small details in the dream.

Finally, the sixth card offers guidance regarding the dream. It may tell you to work more, go somewhere, take a few steps, things like that. It depends on the card drawn.

The bottom line, some dreams have little to no meaning, so don’t rush to conclusions. Some others are more specific and may feel unsettling. If you’re not 100% sure or you think the dream is associated with a situation that you go through, dream analysis with tarot cards could hold the answers.

A tarot reading can help you see details that may look random at first but also provide the guidance you need to succeed in life.​
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