Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them

Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them

In our modern world, the topic of energy, both positive and negative, has garnered increased attention. Much discussion has been centered on “negative entities,” a term often used in spiritual and metaphysical circles. But what are these entities, and how can we protect ourselves from them? Let’s dive deep into the subject.

What are Negative Entities?

“Negative entities” is a term that originates from various spiritual, metaphysical, and religious traditions. It refers to non-physical beings or energies believed to have malevolent intentions or effects on individuals, spaces, or situations. These entities are thought to feed off negative emotions, thoughts, or energies, potentially leading to disturbances in a person’s emotional, mental, or physical well-being.

Here’s a brief overview:

1. Nature of Negative Entities:

They are typically considered non-physical beings or forces that might attach themselves to living individuals, places, or objects. Their nature and characteristics can vary widely depending on the cultural or religious context.

2. Origins:

The concept of malevolent non-physical entities exists in many cultures and religions. Examples include:

  • Demons in Christianity
  • Jinn in Islamic tradition
  • Hungry ghosts in some Buddhist traditions
  • Shadow beings or dark entities in various modern metaphysical and paranormal beliefs

3. Effects on Individuals:

People who believe they have been affected or attached to negative entities might experience emotional disturbances, unexplained fears, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms. Some believe that these entities can influence thoughts, behaviors, or even health.
Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them (1)

4. Reasons for Attachment:

There are various theories as to why negative entities might attach to a person or place. Common beliefs include:

  • Karmic ties or past life connections
  • Traumatic events create energetic vulnerabilities
  • Engaging in certain risky spiritual or metaphysical practices without protection

5. Removal and Protection:

Many spiritual practitioners offer services or rituals to remove negative entities or provide protection against them. Common practices include smudging with sage, energy healing, wearing protective talismans, and invoking divine or angelic protection.

6. Skepticism and Science:

It’s essential to note that the existence of negative entities is a matter of personal belief and is not supported by empirical scientific evidence. Many symptoms attributed to negative entity attachment can also be signs of psychological or medical conditions. Hence, it’s crucial to approach such matters with discernment and seek medical or psychological advice when in doubt.

Symptoms of Negative Entities Attachment?

Here are some commonly cited symptoms of negative entity attachment:

1. Sudden Mood Swings:

Unexpected bouts of anger, sadness, or other intense emotions that don’t seem connected to current life events.

2. Unexplained Fears and Phobias:

Developing new fears or phobias without any discernible cause or event triggering them.

3. Chronic Fatigue:

Feeling constantly drained despite adequate sleep and no medical conditions that would lead to such fatigue.
Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them

4. Hearing Voices:

Some people report hearing voices or whispers that are not attributable to known mental health conditions.

5. Physical Discomfort:

This could manifest as unexplained aches and pains, sensations of being touched when nobody is present, or even the feeling of something “crawling” under one’s skin.

6. Memory Gaps:

Experiencing blackouts or periods where you can’t recall what happened.

7. Addictive Behaviors:

Suddenly developing or intensifying addictive behaviors, be it towards substances, activities, or even thoughts.

8. Adverse Reactions to Spiritual Practices:

Feeling uncomfortable, agitated, or even physically ill when engaging in spiritual or religious practices, meditation, or being in sacred places.

9. Nightmares:

Frequent disturbing dreams or night terrors.
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10. Avoiding Social Interaction:

Suddenly wanting to isolate oneself, avoiding friends, family, or social gatherings without any apparent reason.

11. Changes in Personality:

Radical shifts in personality traits, behaviors, or habits that don’t correspond to usual personal development or life events.

12. Feeling "Not Alone":

A constant, nagging feeling that one is not alone, even in the absence of others.

13. Unfavorable Intuition:

Feeling constantly drawn to negative actions, thoughts, or events without understanding why.
Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them

Top 5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Negative Entities

1-Smudging with Sage:

An age-old practice rooted in Native American traditions, smudging involves burning white sage and letting the smoke purify the surrounding area. By wafting this smoke around your space to cleanse, you’re symbolically and energetically clearing negative energies and entities. Further Insights on Smudging with Sage:

1. Intention is Key:

While the sage’s smoke has been said to have purifying properties, the intention behind the act is equally, if not more, important. Setting a clear intention to remove negativity and bring in positive energy is central to the practice.

2. The Role of Sage:

White sage, in particular, has been used for this purpose due to its believed purifying properties. It’s said to not only clear negative energy but also to attract positive energy.

3. The Ritual:

Typically, before one begins smudging, it’s common to open windows or doors to allow negative energies to escape. The sage is then lit, and once it’s smoking, the flame is gently blown out, allowing the embers to produce smoke. This smoke is then wafted around the space, person, or object being cleansed, often using a feather or hand.

4. Respect for Indigenous Practices:

It’s essential to approach smudging with respect, recognizing its origins in Native American traditions. If one chooses to adopt this practice, it’s important to do so that honors its cultural roots and doesn’t appropriate or commodify the ritual.
Understanding Negative Entities and the Top 5 Ways to Get Rid Yourself of Them

2-Energy Healing Sessions:

Modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Qi Gong focus on restoring balance to the body’s energy fields. A skilled practitioner can sense and help remove negative entity attachments or blockages, such as negative entities or energies.

3-Protection Crystals:

Some crystals are believed to protect against negative entities and energies. Black tourmaline, for example, is often recommended for its grounding and shielding properties. By placing these crystals in your space or carrying them with you, they can act as a protective barrier.

4-Positive Intentions and Affirmations:

The power of the mind is immeasurable. By setting positive intentions and regularly reciting protective affirmations, you set a vibrational tone that repels negative entities. Simple affirmations like “I am surrounded by white light, and only positive energy can enter my space” can be effective.

5-Salt Cleansing:

Salt is another ancient purifying agent. A simple practice involves placing bowls of salt in the corners of a room to absorb negativity. Additionally, bathing in a salt bath can help clear negative entities that might be attached to one’s aura.


The concept of negative entities, while daunting, need not induce fear. By understanding and employing protective measures, we can create a sanctuary of positivity in our spaces and within ourselves. Whether you believe firmly in these practices or approach them with healthy skepticism, the core idea is fostering positive energy, intention, and mindfulness in our lives.
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