What is imperfect should become perfect!

You are on planet earth to become, not to be. 

F. Rückert 1788 – 1866 

To be or not to be, that is the question 

Hamlet by W. Shakespeare 1564-1616 

We are taught that our souls arrived in the earthly world. First of all, we understood: I AM. We, that is the sevenfold one humanity on earth as races, peoples, tribes, clans, individual families and individual beings. We made our own world out of countless errors and associated miscreations. Feelings and mostly negative beliefs shaped the world that we are currently experiencing, indeed suffering. Everyone built their own mindset, countless constructs, old and new. 

These adversities form entanglements, because average people, scientists, politicians,  

medical professionals, and everyone else very often begin their utterances with: “I  

believe…” As a result, we find ourselves in the tropical rain at night, like in a jungle.  

Please overcome these impacting approaches, formulate your lofty goals, pursue them 

from now to now. Master it, it is possible. 

Freedom, peace, and peace of mind were wasted as a result. Incarnation followed 

incarnation. The basic vibration was and transferred, the confusion swelled. Brahma’s 


Indoctrinated, programmed and conditioned ancestors and other people passed on 

misleading systems of thought. Thinking is the basics of thoughts. That was also the 

goal of those in power at all times. Holy scriptures have been changed significantly.  

Scientific work has been able to prove this. The result was the misdirection of believers.

Imaginations, illusions, and fantasies got out of hand, the number of wishes exploded. Unconstrained behavior led to all kinds of brutal acts in the outside world. 

Each individual has tied himself up through many incarnations and today we see very clearly the struggle for survival. Individuals are still proud to use their so-called power to oppress and exploit their contemporaries. In all areas of life, it can be seen that fear is being worked with everywhere. Conflict, chaos, confusion, drugs, alcohol,  various electronic controls, sick healthcare, hoarding excess capital, blackmail,  torture, disinformation, compromise,rape, kidnapping, war, flight, insane laws, are some of the keywords. 

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The personal, programmed Ego relentlessly uses our senses for the purpose of deception and misperception. The world of illusions and consequently also the world of lack emerged from the innumerable behaviors of earth mankind. 

Greed. Almost all measures and actions are currently based on egocentricity. None is too shabby for the great human concert on all levels of existence. 

History teaches people that history teaches people nothing.  

Gandhi, 1869-1948 

The human body is misused for any projection into the outside world. The Ego forces this, although the conscience always gives a very quiet but clear warning.  Between the ego actions and the pure spirit, there is an indispensable, eternal mediator who works unimpressed for the development of man and his return to the creator, if you so wish. Ask him clearly and listen to his answer! 

Here is some consolation! 

The unconscious spirit of one human race created the necessary prerequisites for the spiritual ascent on the path of spiritual descent.

Be happy. 

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Note: mix-ups are possible! We are all spiritual beings forever! We only use the body for the few thousand days in each incarnation. In contrast to earlier times, a very large proportion of our brothers and sisters have access to information in printed or electronic form. What was kept secret, is more and more accessible today, these are sources for the desired liberation that can hardly be overestimated. The contents of the thought systems of the creator of the ego are available to choose from. Choose your path because you too have the given free will. 

Through its own doing and not doing, according to the free, human activity of will, humanity speaks its own judgment through the individual members of its races, peoples, tribes, clans, and individual families. It accomplishes this mercilessly in and on itself through the legally triggered consequences of the offense. But as long as the earth has to exist, always mature and immature souls in the outer garment of the human personality as earth people will populate the earth at the same time because the inevitable law of the perfect world order is: Serve all by all!

According to this world order, which is an expression of the will of God. EVERYTHING must serve EVERYTHING  and also EVERYTHING serves EVERYTHING. It begins with the service of the inconspicuous grain of sand, which nothing and no one will ever replace. Everyone as an individual person has to ask himself whether he or she is also ready for this service, whereby it remains completely irrelevant whether he is willing, unwilling, or not at all for this inner willingness, which alone is able to follow the external act wants to confess.  

The biggest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mindset. 

Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965 

Well, you are one of a kind. We are all part of the whole and we can admit to ourselves that we are all the children of the one Creator. He created all universes. This energy created the world of truth, the real home of all of us. After separating from him, we humans made our world of illusions. Repentance is advisable. Therefore begin to exercise dominion over your unique, personal world. It is known from sacred texts: Return to the source, this is the sound of the invitation. Our  Creator awaits us there, welcomes us very much. Know that our words of judgment, categorization, and pigeonhole thinking are unknown to him. He is for life not for death.

He waits from eternity to eternity for your decision for redemption from the tribulations of the earthly world. It is only for teaching and learning about forgiveness – yourself and your brothers and sisters, figures in your mind. The attraction of love was and is always there. Your changes in your thought system as well as attention and mindfulness about your being are keys to the sacred relationship with only the Creator.  


You have to expand your dark self into the light self! 

F. Rückert 

The expansion of consciousness through purification of the mind enables union with one being. 

Relationships with earthly creatures and objects form a surmountable obstacle. Light and love, rest, peace, and being one await you in the real world. 

The person who has been raised to the image of God in the spirit must fulfill the perfect world order, return to his divine spirit origin, return to a spiritual being.

Time, space, past, present, and future are part of human thought. 

Time can both liberate and capture, depending on whose interpretation it you use. 

The past, present, and future are not continuous unless you force continuity on them. You can perceive it as continuous and make it so for yourself. 

But do not be mistaken and then believe that it is so. Because believing… is delusional. 

Jesus Christ 

With regard to salvation, it can be stated that Jesus Christ conveyed messages of enormous importance to mankind at least 2,000 years ago. 

He accomplished the task given to him through his living teaching of exemplary action, which alone holds the key to spiritual knowledge.  

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Jesus is a world teacher. His teaching is that of divine light and love beyond all dogmas and religions. He is the master who teaches us the science of the heart and energy in a very direct, pure way.  Is this world reachable? Yes. 

The breakthrough to light is not only possible, it is desired, even required.  

All resources have been revealed through the millennia in all past and existing 

cultures. Ascended Masters are the witnesses. 

In all teachings Jesus emerges as the reproaching and appreciative teacher of humanity. The inevitable fact of  gathering experience is made clear to people, possible only through their own self-experience. The legal effects  must, without exception, take place in and on the people who perform or fail to act. This process is the educator  of humanity on earth that cannot be excluded or is to be passed over. It is recognizable and confirms itself again  and again according to the perfect world order as the balancing event of the cosmic law of cause and effect. It  applieswithout exception to all human deeds, be it in thoughts, words or in doing through accomplishment or  omission.

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The word  

As a term for the creation of our universe – interpreted in different ways in many philosophies and religions of existing and past cultures – it announces an everlasting beginning in which a primordial sound is heard that, by fanning itself out, unites a sequence of sounds into one word. “The Word” is like the sacred song of myths and legends, from whose songs unknown pasts can be heard. It is the “In the beginning was the word” of Genesis from the Holy Scriptures of  Christianity. It is the AUM and OM, the TAO of the wisdom of Asia. It is the “IT”  of the unnamable that creates the universe in continuous emanations in order to take it back into the infinities from which it comes. It is the alpha and the omega of the new age.

“The Word” – the painting – seeks to make visible to the spiritually seeing in

colors and shapes what their depths tell the spiritually hearing. 

About the genesis of this painting: 

Meher Baba, who lives near Bombay / Mumbai, was called “the wise man who never speaks”. I had already  made spiritual contact with him during the wise man’s lifetime. You can therefore understand my burning  interest in knowing the word that he wanted to leave behind. 

In meditation I experienced it: the answer in my mind’s eye was the picture to which he gave the title “The  Word”. 

It shows the law of motion of the cosmos as it can be found in the atom, in nature, in the solar system and in  spiral nebulae. As a painter, I see this cosmic principle of movement. Our development: coming out of an  apparent nothingness, life unfolds in the form of logarithmic spirals, in a variety of colors. 

Black means the limit that everyone comes up against when they hike ups and downs, developed their abilities  and gained experience. At this limit, the mature person becomes a seeker again: he begins to strive for higher  knowledge, to feel the meaning of life. 

The spiral corresponds to this development when it reaches the greatest brightness: in the white of the  spectrum all colors unite, and white is symbolically the sum of all knowledge. The person who has reached the end of the spiral and the goal of life, the wise, returns to the origin from which all being has come.

“In the beginning there was the word,” says the creation story. I, Roland Frey, learned the meaning of this  sentence through my connection to Meher Baba and made it visible as a painting. 

“The beginning and the end are your own becoming and passing away – you yourself are the word!” Roland Frey 1974

Meditation is, for example, a method to bring about changes and corrections in one’s own thought system. Yoga also  serves the goal. 

Physical vision, perceiving, grasping, recognizing and integrating are companions of people. 

This indispensable path into spiritual being takes place through the balancing event of the cosmic law of cause  and effect. 

1 6

In the human race on earth, metamorphosis takes place for good and bad.  

The changes lead to successive awakenings. 

The earthly world is losing more and more of its attraction. The cosmic man takes shape. His chakras work, his aura change.

The return home is accomplished through one’s own effort on the one hand and the grace of the Creator on the other. Each individual is indispensable for the perfection of the whole. Perfection is impossible without you. Observe the birthright of the Creator’s Sons – that is all fellow human beings. The great abundance is the birthright of the people, which everyone can use, who turns back to the “I Am”. The principle of the Creative Deity is eternally within you.

When you recognize and accept fully “I AM” as the Mighty Presence of God in you -in action,  you will have taken one of the greatest steps to liberation.

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