Reiki Healing: Immunity and Viral Infection

Today’s biggest threat to human beings is a viral disease and the biggest challenge is to keep ourselves protected against viral infections. It is believed that more than 3.5 lakhs types of viruses are present in the universe, out of which only 19 types of viruses are known so far. They are coming in the host body in more dangerous forms, sometimes mutating in a new form, and by the time the symptoms of viral infection comes in the body of the infected person, it is unknowingly transmitted exponentially to all those persons coming into contact which leads to community outbreak and becomes uncontrollable. That’s why the viral infection can be considered the deadliest and most formidable enemy of the human being in the Universe.

How can we protect ourselves?

Since there isn’t available a successful treatment for many viral diseases known so far and also not knowing that next time what type of new virus will infect us, the only protection is to fight off the viral infection and regain our health.

How the body will fight off the viral infection?

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The only way to fight off the viral infection is to strengthen our immune system. Only strong immunity of our body fights off any type of foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacterias.

How can we strengthen our immune system?

The strength of our immune system depends on two factors:

  1. A nutritious, balanced diet, Sunlight, and regular exercise and,
  2. The most important above all is to avoid stress, tension, and anxiety.

How do stress, tension, and anxiety weaken our immunity?

In today’s world, due to so many expectations from oneself, competitions, and challenges in every field, the brain always remains under stress. The long-term stress converts into tension and if it is not resolved timely, negativity comes in, which leads to anxiety and depression. Because of this state of mental illness or disorder, our pituitary and thymus glands underperform, resulting in decreased immunity. T – cells mature in the thymus gland to kill the antigens like virus and bacteria, and produce antibody; this is the defense mechanism or immunity of our body. In stress, our entire defense mechanism i.e immunity becomes weak and our body becomes vulnerable to any viral or bacterial attack.


How does Reiki healing help in avoiding stress, tension, depression and strengthening the immunity of our body?

Because of the stress, tension or depression, negativity comes in and the energy centers of the body called chakras are blocked. When this happens, the flow of life force energy from the pituitary and thymus glands is restricted, so the maturity of T cells, strength and production of white blood cells decreases and thus, the immunity of our body weakens.

To strengthen the immunity, Reiki healer accumulates the energy through meditation and heals the recipient’s soul by performing the following steps simultaneously:

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  1. The Reiki healer unblocks the chakras by sending spiritually guided life force energy to the recipient’s soul,
  2. The Reiki healer gives strong healing on Third Eye chakra, orbitofrontal part of the brain area to reduce stress, tension or depression, and activating pituitary gland to release hormones to increase the production of white blood cells,
  3. The Reiki healer gives healing on Thymus chakra to strengthen and activate the thymus gland where the maturity and strength of killer T cells increase.

In this way, with the free flow of the spiritually guided life force energy through unblocked chakras, the immunity of the body becomes strong enough to fight off any type of viral and bacterial infection.


Sangeeta Jha is an expert practitioner with year of experience, she agrees that people are facing major mental and physical issues and she has a strong faith that this ReikiRay technique is a helpful weapon to fight against emotional and mental stress

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