How to check emotional wellness and why it is important?

Out of all the eight wellnesses, i.e., physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and financial, emotional wellness is often neglected or excused by most individuals.

How to check emotional wellness and why it is important - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

Wondering why? Because it is what occurs to us within ourselves, and fails to be witnessed as a scar or mark. 

Result? It goes unattended. And the consequences are often traumatizing like social anxiety, depression, or even phobias in some severe cases. Who do you assume being emotionally fit? Emotional fitment is more than staying happy. Emotional wellness is about how you should be in control of your emotions, with utmost mindfulness and thoughts even when you don’t feel all inspired and gratified at all. Being emotionally balanced means realizing that “life’s not a bed full of rose petals but also stems full of thorns”. To be wise enough to understand everything or anything cannot be planned and regulated as we expect it on our to-do lists.  Life isn’t a to-do list; it’s full of unpredictable events.  And so, to be attentive enough of your thoughtfulness and being mindful of your actions is what emotional well-being really is. Human beings go through tons of experiences, which isn’t a typical walk in the park. Instead, it is a roller coaster ride every day! And that is what makes us who we are. However, to be able to deal with every emotion, constructively is what matters and signifies our wellness. Wellness is remaining calm, in whatever condition you may be. Watching your philosophies and sentiments and still realizing that it is just a phase that will go away is what matters and counts the most. Sure we all put enormous efforts into our physique to look fabulous and attractive. We hit gyms to get abs, do yoga to meditate and calm ourselves, and go for an aerobics session to tone our body and continuously do stuff to look fresh from the exterior. But are we investing in our emotional health with the same intensity? Why do we hesitate to take therapy? Why do we hesitate when advised to invest time in healing? Why do we wait to communicate about our mental health concerns? Why do we shy away from going to a psychologist? Why we never consider approaching healers that may help in finding peace? Why don’t we look out for free healing available in abundance around us?  Because people don’t want to flaunt their flaws, right?  We often get so wasted looking great that we almost forget feeling good as well. Sure physical fitness is essential and of crucial importance. But emotional wellness is equally important and its competence should be taken into equal consideration.  Awareness, acceptance,

and knowing your emotions well should not be disregarded. Staying true to your feelings and not feeling apologetic for it should be your mantra. The more you are aware of your feelings, the more you are informed about your conscious mind. 

So we have an emotional wellness checklist designed for you to understand what emotional wellness is-

– You don’t mind being in your own company: in content with yourself

– You are Optimistic: Always see the glass half full

– You don’t rely on materialistic objects to be happy

– You do not shy away to accept your emotions

– You Do not struggle with stress often, Once in a while if you do, you analyze it, find a solution to it and move on ahead with your life

– You always strike the right balance between work and self

– You live in the present and believe everything happens for a good reason

– You don’t take failure as a setback instead rise and shine above it with hard work

– You accept downfalls are a part of life and not a good enough reason to give up

Emotional wellness cannot be accomplished in a day or two. However, with proper guidance, self-reflection and even talk therapies, massive changes can be observed, which will ultimately make your life a jar full of positivities. 

While all the wellnesses are essential to lead a flourished life, not even one type should be scorned or taken casually. 

Don’t run behind securing your finances at the cost of relationships. Don’t involve yourself too much in relationships either that you tend to lose yourself. Make time for yourself and cherish your alone time. 

Everything should be done in a balanced and proportionate manner to strike the perfect equilibrium of all the wellnesses.

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