Part 2 of theory and benefits of playing with powers - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

Part 2 of theory and benefits of playing with powers

Part 2 of theory and benefits of playing with powers - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

Siddhis, or powers, have always been enticing. How wonderful if we could levitate, or manifest material objects at will or send our souls out to the cosmos and visit other worlds or other places on the planet! I, for one, would love to be able to teleport. Just imagine it, I could give my car away and instantly transport myself anywhere I wanted to. If all of us could do this, what would it do to oil and road dependence and to national boundaries?

But how important are these things, really? How much of our time and energy should we be devoting to them? I would submit, none.

We are at the crux of a very pivotal time in the evolution of our species on this planet. Many of us have been working for this for eons, for lifetimes, for decades, both consciously and unconsciously. I speak, of course, of the global ascension that so many have come to be aware of and talking and writing about. This ascension is not only global. Innumerable worlds in innumerable galaxies and dimensions are poised to break through old barriers and move into higher levels of functioning.

What each individual does at this time is more than germane. It is crucial. You are important in and of yourself, but also to the collective. Every step forward that each of us takes, every bit of healing and awakening that occurs within each one of us, brings us all that much closer to the collective quickening so many of us throughout the omniverse have been seeking for so long now.

This, I believe, is far more important than a few of us gaining a few miracle powers. Though, of course, there is a caveat. Every “rule” has exceptions, and you may be that exception. Always follow your inner truth, your inner guidance. That is more important than anyone else’s “truth.”

But if the above resonates with your inner truth, what can you do to advance an omniverse-wide awakening?

In a way, what we need to be doing is the opposite of astral travel. In that endeavour, we loosen the cords of our soul/awareness/energy and send ourselves off, away from our body to far-flung places. On the surface, this sounds very glamorous, mystical and exciting. How much more mundane it seems to bring everything we are here, to be fully present and grounded in our place.

But, at this time in our evolution, that will help us more than almost anything we could be doing.

Fully being here, in the present, with all of our awareness and energy can not only sound un- enticing, but it can also sound downright scary. Many of us, consciously or unconsciously, is deeply ambivalent about being here at all. How could we not be? Read the news. Look around.

Most of us are only about five per cent here. We are cut off from much of who we are. Our life force is suppressed.

Remember what it is to be fully here in our true power walking and talking the totality of our love and light. In the past when we did this, we were misunderstood, ostracized or tortured to death. But those times are over. Now we are meant to reclaim more and more of who we are as we navigate the three dimensions.

How do we do this? For thousands of years, we have been living the third chakra the masculine chakra geared toward the control and manipulation of power in the material world. Hence this patriarchal age of war, industry, commerce and small, self-serving loyalty cliques. Before that, we lived the agricultural, matriarchal second and the tribal, hunter-gatherer first chakras.

As a species, our next step is to let the heartbreak, melt and open, and to allow truth and divine will to open and flow through our throat chakras to bring our fourth and fifth chakra energies into our lives and the planet to live from those chakras.

And how do we do this? Through the hard, unglamorous work of facing, meeting, healing and clearing our shadow – the wounded, unhealed, “unacceptable” parts of ourselves that we have pushed into the unconscious. And suppressed, unconscious energies must always come out sideways and manifest distortion in our hearts, minds and the world.

We must reclaim all of who we are, the light and the dark. We must find and inhabit our core, the infinity within, the quiet, true glory that has always been with us, patiently awaiting our reawakening.

Oddly enough, the journey to the core is harder and more rewarding than any journey away to any never-never land. But it is getting easier and easier.

Of course, we want to get away. But truly inhabit yourself.

Then see what miracles begin to unfold.

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