“Peace”… WHO needs it? WHAT is it? WHEN to obtain it? WHERE to find it? WHY is it essential? HOW to sustain it? I started out this way to pour out my thoughts with “5Ws and 1H” rule of basic journalism. 5Ws –Who, What, When, Where, Why and 1H- how. Peace as Love, Faith, God and any intangible sensation; is beyond the 5Ws and 1H of our rational mind. In simple terms, “PEACE” is a feeling comprising of calmness, silence, thoughtlessness, whatever synonym one adds to it. I often observe birds near my balcony and or near mine vicinity eating food; which I practice to give in often, it brings me peace.

This is one of the aspects of bringing peace unto mine. Well, what else makes me peaceful? Listening music helped me become peaceful and over the recent years, listening to instrumental music eased up the chaos inside out. Apart from it, observing nature closely; awaking up to a beautiful morning with faith; surrendering to sleep at night in content, with assurance to wake up again; forgiving and forgetting the “wrongs”; moving forward; being in praying mode for mine world and the world at large; following the live and let live philosophy; listening to my guts; my amateur photography especially shooting the unique slices from mother nature and the likewise attaches me to my inner calm.

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And to add to it writing is one of the most beautiful mode of therapy for me, along with communicating with the one in myself and with the world through mine writes helps me find my own course of peace. When I was a student, due to examination stress, once, I was feeling so much lacking in peace; next day test, no break, vast syllabus, I had no clue, how to concentrate, for that I needed to get back my peace, I read out at newspaper- my horoscope of that very day though it was evening by then, I found a “Tip of the day” general suggestion for all zodiac signs out there for that very day and found that it was recommended to “Light a diya (lamp) and look through it.” I just tried it in silence for some time and it really clicked, and through the light outside, I found my inner illumination, my own peace. And result- with it, my worries buried and I could give my best and I did well in my test. That day, I realized peace is light, and all it takes it to illuminate it to remove the darkness of worries, fears and all negativism within. Gradually I’m realizing, in unison to our true nature, let’s tranquility in. One of mine friend told once that she loves to go to a river side in the city she lives and watches the waves, every passing waves reassures her faith in letting going off negativity and putting her back into peace and listening to her insight it stroked deep and I followed the same whenever I stood still around the riverside or a beach I keep looking at the waves waving a high five at mine assuring an easeful flow through life.

These blissful instances reinstall the peace. My uncle once told, peace is not about keeping quite externally with mental chatterbox on. Doesn’t it happens as we grow older, most of us kill the child within us; we get complicated, we analyze more, rationalize more, we think more, and feel less? The more one distances from one’s conscience, one’s soul, listening to one’s own guts, the turmoil begins there leading to lack of peace. Almost in our day to day stress and strain situations we come across, we lose our peace the most. How to de-toxify yourself to put on back your inner peace? Sometimes just you need to flush the influx inside out Journal your thoughts; or speak out your heart to a confidant or just observe your own thoughts. Observe, don’t observe, and let it all flow in. Let you feel the lighter at the natural course. It’s okay if you are feeling the lack of peace. Let the chaos settle in void to trace out peace within. Pray if you feel, it channelizes hope in a power of belief that all be well and that instigates peace. And then there are times, you just need to relax and rest, be in void to empty your space to recharge. Then are other times you need to engage yourself in things that motivates to be in tune with yourself; spread good vibes.

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Whenever we lack peace, we can try to spread more happiness, peace, and good vibes to all we can. It feels peaceful, to give someone a reason to smile; make one be in peace and make them feel good about themselves, as it’s truly reflects back to us also. It’s a feeling of lightness. Take a deeper look through nature, it’s so peaceful, always in the move yet, it wears its inner calm and reflects back upon us.

Have you ever looked at the innocent face of a baby, always on a mission to learn something new, but always in peaceful mood that looking at them we feel so much calmness. Have you ever spent a moment of your life standing in a beach, how stillness it feels the wave’s keeps on moving on and on yet, sea adorns its serenity. Watching the stars with twilight on, also feels so peaceful. Be it a flower, fruit, the chirping of a bird or nature’s any or every feature, it’s so peaceful to connect with its various dimensions. Peace is being in tune with yourself, you might be in midst of a huge crowd and still feel your inner peace and sometime you might turn on to meditate alone, yet full on to your swarm of worrying thoughts within. Wearing your own peace is the essential ingredient of happiness, love, faith and making a healthy difference to the universe. We witness most of the places, lack of peace be it in the personal, professional or society’s sphere and the likewise. Seeking Peace is a process, a discipline that all we need to practice to be in tune within. It’s an intrapersonal journey and the path to traverse varies to attain it. But the core of it is all good things are within us.

Peace is all the inner and the very essence of yours. To enlighten the light of peace be yourself and you are the “light” within yourself which removes your inner and outer darknesses. Do good, be good, feel good and peace be yours trophy.

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